I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with MyInventoryTeam during the last year and I have to give them “5 Stars” for their products, their service, their communication, and their commitment to their customers. They always have top of the line products at great prices that I can compete with in the marketplace. They work with you on whether you want to handle the products yourself or if you want to have it labeled and shipped to Amazon for FBA products.

I look forward to getting “the list” from MyInventoryTeam as I know there will always be something that will be a great opportunity for my business. I know I will keep coming back for more products.

Ann Moss

I am so pleased with both John Sr and John Jr’s service that is hard to express in words.

I have purchased several items from them in the past few months and also utilized their pack and ship to Amazon service. Everything has been flawless.

They are both honest men with great integrity. You won’t be sorry if you utilize their services.

My sincere thanks to both John Jr and John Sr! I know you’ll keep up the good work!!!!

Sharon Watts

About a month ago, John Jr sent over a spreadsheet with available inventory and I took a peek doing some research and ended up buying about 370 or so items. They did all the prepping, packing and shipping on my behalf into Amazon FBA which was cheaper than having the shipment sent to me, then my team doing the prep work prior to shipping into Amazon. At the end of the day I estimated that I saved closed to a thousand dollars and about 15 man hours buy having them do all the heavy lifting. I never saw, let alone touched, the inventory.


To throw a few numbers in for you numbers folks, I always stick to the 10x10x10 plan when dealing with FBA to ensure that I at least double my money. I spent just under 8k on inventory, prepping and inbound shipping. After cost + Amazon Fee’s I estimate that I’ll still more than double my original investment. (An interesting side note; while my inventory is ALMOST fully checked in, I’m already making sales. 2 sales in the last 36 hours, both of which have resulted in over a 100% ROI).

Myron Bartko

Every online seller knows that you can never be successful in this business unless you have good, quality products to sale. Thankfully, I have found a company that provides top-notch products at prices that make purchasing almost a no-brainer. Recently, I purchased 46 sets of nursery drapes for $15.00, listed them for more than $60, and shipped them off to Amazon. They are almost gone. With each sale, I am netting more than $50 in pure profit. But just as important to me is to know that the people I do business with are honest and dependable. That’s why I’m at ease with investing my hard-earned dollars with products sold by Maeja Associates. Words can’t express the gratitude I have for how they have helped me in my business. In fact, the goal of John Bullard and his family at MyInventoryTeam is not just to sell products and make a profit; their objective is to help seller likes me be successful. And that’s worth its weight in gold. Any time I have questions, they are always ready to provide guidance and suggestions. I look forward to doing business with the Bullards for a long time.

Ken Kelly

In a short amount of time, My Inventory Team associates have helped our company grow and thrive. They offer many varieties and quantities of high quality products, which they make easy to order and replenish. Their experienced operations team streamlines pre-fulfillment processing of our inventory. They have been very accommodating to our needs as an online retailer. Management has been very accessible for questions and concerns. MIT feels less like a supplier and more like a partner in our business. We always look forward to their phone and email communications!

Maureen Benner

John and John and the whole group at My Inventory Team have been great to work with! We have bought manufacturer closeouts through them and then used their receiving/labeling/shipping to FBA services and couldn’t be happier! Being able to buy great NEW products and getting them to FBA without having to ever touch the product fits perfectly for us. As Amazon and eBay sellers themselves, they know the challenges we face and offer great solutions – not just their services, but they check in with us during every step of the process and have given me great ideas for making our business run more smoothly and increase profits. They are the best!


After several transactions, very profitable by the way, with My Inventory Team, I can assure you that you have never dealt with a company with better customer service, they are always there when you need them, they walk you through the whole process and if you have questions you don’t need to wait days for a response a call or an email and you will get fast response. I absolutely recommend these guys to anyone who wants to grow their business.

Yokasta Larson

I also purchased from John B. and used his pack & ship service. It went perfect and what a ‘dream come true’. Never having to touch the product and already making sales with a ROI of 100+%.

Wayne Stanila

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! The Tiddliwinks inventory arrived, and I have to say, it’s even nicer than I anticipated! I’m excited to see how the sales go. I’ll be meeting with some local shops this week, so that will be fun too to learn how to “wholesale” our inventory.

This is my first order with you, but it certainly won’t be the last. You guys have been just wonderful to work with. I can’t thank you enough for all the guidance and support!

Patty Smith