It’s fast, free and simple to start getting notification of our bulk inventory offers. Simply fill out the “Get Inventory Deal Notifications” form. You will receive a confirmation email (we do not take spam lightly, and never send out unsolicited emails); please confirm, or we cannot send you our offers.

Now that you’re on the list, you’ll periodically receive emails with a list of items that are available to you.  To order you must email us back with any products that you would like to buy and indicate the quantity you would like.

You will NEVER be billed for any products without requesting them.

Because we have limited quantities, we encourage you to reply quickly when you do see something that interests you. All inventories are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our inventory service is ideal for Amazon sellers who have the funds and experience to order larger quantities. Many of our clients also have this inventory shipped directly to us to be sent to Amazon, making this an incredibly convenient way to add inventory to an Amazon business.  Learn more about that at

Here are the questions we are most often asked about the My Inventory Team service. If you do not see the answer to your question below, please contact us.

Question: Are these products new, or salvage; what condition are they in? Will I be able to sell them as new?
Answer: All of our merchandise is brand new, not salvage, shelf pulls or store returns. Most are closeouts or overstocks from major retailers. Yes, you can sell these as “new”. If we get a shipment from someone in our network and the condition is unacceptable, or not as represented to us, we’ll take care of it so you don’t have to.

Question: How often do you email your inventory lists?
Answer: This depends on our suppliers.  It could be once a week, once every few weeks, or multiple times in the same day.  We filter out many items/lists that just don’t make sense to offer.

Question: What is the minimum order to buy from you?
Answer: We do not have a minimum dollar amount. We do have a minimum quantity (“buy-in”) amount and a limit on how many sellers we may sell a product to. Those will be clearly spelled out in the email you receive.

Question: How do you choose products to offer? Is it based on Amazon rankings, price, or both?
Answer: Price is our main criteria when looking for items for our network. We also consider rankings and use other research tools when warranted.

Question: What type of inventory do you have access to?
Answer: We have access to inventory in many different categories such as grocery, health and beauty, pets, baby, automotive, toys, etc. Most are well-known brands such as those featured on our home page.

Question: Does the cost when buying inventory from you include shipping to be sent to Amazon for fulfillment or to have the merchandise shipped to me?
Answer: Orders are sent directly to you unless otherwise specified. Simply request a shipping quote; if you approve it we will then bill you to have the merchandise shipped.

If you choose to have us process and ship to Amazon on your behalf then yes, processing fees are involved. Please visit to learn about this service.